“Walking in their Footsteps”

A big thank you to the talented people that were a part of this live production at the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center in Jackson on June 13, 2014. The production, produced by Wilma E. Mosley Clopton, Ph.D., is designed to celebrate the lives of five women – Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, Ida B. Wells Barnett, Eliza Farish Pillars, Annie Bell Robinson Devine and Gladys Noel Bates. These women pioneers are just a few of the many women who have paved the way for others. The production incorporates their stories through song, dance, spoken word and film. “Walking in their Footsteps” was brought to   life on stage by an amazingly talented group of actors, singers, dancers and technicians. They included Pamela Junior, narrator; Jerry Jenkins, West African drums, Bridgeet Olungabala, cello; Tiffany Jefferson, choreographer; Georgia Cochran, actor; Sonya Allen, actor/singer; Deanna Tisdale, actor/singer, Larry Keeler, technician; David Skato, videographer/casting director. The cast of singers also included the melodious tones of Adiola Braxton whose lyrical notes brought depth to the production’s supporting trio. Shown are photos from the event.

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