Career Women’s Luncheon
During Women’s History Month in March 2018, Dr. Clopton served as the featured speaker for the Clinton Career Women’s Luncheon and shared her inspiring presentation, “Celebrating Mississippi Women.”

NMHS Unlimited began in the 1940s as The Negro in Mississippi Historical Society, which was founded by Dr. Wilma E. Mosley Clopton’s mother, Dr. Jessie Bryant Mosley, who also founded the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center located in Jackson.

NMHS Unlimited has produced a collection of 14 short films, four books, a children’s coloring book, and one play that are used as educational resources in schools, libraries, and homes across the country. NMHS Unlimited also hosts a variety of filmmaking workshops, informative presentations, and community-minded events throughout the year.

With the tagline “Saving our history, one story at a time,” NMHS Unlimited ultimately strives to bring balance to the Mississippi narrative; not because injustices didn’t happen, not because poverty didn’t exist, but because love flourished, real triumphs happened, and success is and always has been possible! It is here that NMHS Unlimited shines as a company because it is sharing these lived truths as couched in the factual collective histories of Mississippi and our country.

As a nonprofit organization, NMHS Unlimited relies on product sales and the collaboration and generosity of supportive partnerships, sponsors, and grants in its effort to continue bringing these innovative and relevant resources to children, youth, and adults throughout Mississippi and beyond.