Wilma E. Mosley Clopton, Ph.D. is an award-winning video historian and filmmaker who believes that by embracing the latest technologies and innovations in filmmaking, we can better bring to life pivotal moments from history while also highlighting their relevance in the issues of today. Additionally, Dr. Clopton is a writer, producer, director, author, speaker, world traveler, wife, mother, grandmother, Mississippi native, and only daughter of the late Drs. Jessie Bryant and Charles C. Mosley.

Dr. Clopton serves as president of NMHS Unlimited Film Productions, a Jackson-based nonprofit organization with the mission of telling the untold stories of people of African descent in Mississippi and the significant contributions that they made. NMHS Unlimited began in the 1940s as The Negro in Mississippi Historical Society and was founded by her mother, who was also the founder of the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center located in Jackson. In addition to filmmaking and writing, Dr. Clopton has created enriching programs designed for children and youth, such as Digital Magic and It’s About You, that spark creativity, confidence, and long-term goals.

As a Phi Delta Kappa, Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society graduate of St. Louis University, Dr. Clopton is mostly self-taught in the field of filmmaking though has attended the University of Mississippi’s Annual Filmmaking Workshop and the Barefoot Filmmakers Workshop. She uses the medium of short documentary films to tell untold Mississippi stories. To date, her body of work includes short films, books, a children’s coloring book, and a play about people of African descent in Mississippi – with more works currently in progress.

Among Dr. Clopton’s many honors, she has been the recipient of the Artist Fellowship Grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission as well as the prestigious Media Fellowship Award; presented the Mississippi Humanities Educator Award; named by the Mississippi Business Journal as one of Mississippi’s Top 50 Business Women and then one of Mississippi’s Top 10 Business Women of the Year; and twice received the Mississippi Film and Video Alliance’s Emerging Filmmaker Award.

In addition, Dr. Clopton received the Award of Merit from the Mississippi Historical Society for exemplary documentary film projects highlighting the significant contributions of African Americans in the State of Mississippi. She also was recognized by Women for Progress of Mississippi, Inc., during Women’s History Month for supporting their mission, through her films, of a world in which women are fully empowered and all people live with peace, justice, freedom, and dignity.

Dr. Clopton has also been recognized as the Young, Gifted, and Empowered’s Living Legends Award recipient for her work on behalf of NMHS Unlimited as a trailblazer in challenging and changing the Mississippi landscape. She was honored as well with the For My People Award, presented by the Margaret Walker National Research Center, Archive and Museum for the African American Experience, for her outstanding contributions toward African American history and culture as a scholar, documentary filmmaker, and founder of NMHS Unlimited Film Productions.

Need a Speaker?

Invite Dr. Clopton to speak at an event or to your community, church, academic, or professional group. Currently, virtual presentations and podcasts are encouraged. Dr. Clopton enjoys the opportunity to share the mission of NMHS Unlimited and engage with audiences of all sizes. 
Contact her directly at info4nmhs@gmail.com for more information.