“Just Do It” Film Series: “Deeper Than Skin”

We would like to present to you another film in our “Just Do It” Film Series to encourage you to create films which influence and tell your story. In the film “Deeper than Skin,” Timothy Ford found a way to explore an explosive issue by interviewing one of his teachers. This film is another great example of how to get engaged in the process of filmmaking to create a product to express your concerns. Enjoy!

“Just Do It” Film Series: “Boxes”

Here is another film in the “Just do It” Film series for your enjoyment. This film, “Boxes,” was created by Harrison Watson. It combines his love for writing prose with his passion for black and white photography. Just another example of using the tools at your command to ‘just do it’. Enjoy!

“Just Do It” Film Series: “The Homicide of Jerry Allen, Jr.”

Welcome to the second film in our “Just Do It” Film Series, which focuses on sharing the works of students who have attended classes Dr. Clopton taught at Jackson State University’s W.E.B. Du Bois Honors College. “The Homicide of Jerry Allen, Jr.” by Marqueshia L. Allen demonstrates another rule in documentary film making which is to create your film around a subject about which you are passionate. If you are lukewarm about a topic, your film will show it. Join us now as we share the twists and turns of this exciting story.

“Just Do It” Film Series: “Just a Girl”

Welcome to the “Just Do It” Film Series. Each week during the month of September, we will feature films created by Dr. Clopton’s students using their iPhone or iPad. None of the students were film majors. We want you to know that the key to making a film is to “just do it.”

Today, our student filmmaker is R’Myni Watson, whose film “Just a Girl,” ranked among the top 15 in the world in the Girls Impact the World Film Festival at Harvard University. Enjoy!

R’Myni Watson Releases Second Film

Congratulations R’Myni Watson on her second film, Just a Girl! Her film was ranked 15 at the Harvard University’s International Film Festival.

She is a former student of Dr. Clopton (Adjunct Professor) in her Fall class, “American Film and the American Dream,” at the W.E.B. Du Bois Honors College.