2018 Filmmaker’s Bash Highlight: Chef Damian Shelby

Chef Damian Shelby

Welcome back Damian Shelby, Executive Chef of The King Edward, located at 102 N. Mill St. in Jackson. We cannot wait to see what he cooks up at the 2018 Bash.

Chef Damian has always had a kitchen talent even from coming up as a kid from Bolton, MS. He grew up with his family growing their own vegetables and raising their own livestock. With this, food became one of his most favorite inquiries. He watched his mom (Doris Ann Shelby) and grandma (Annie Warren Shelby) make magic in the kitchen, which was pretty much like watching the Food Network today. Opening and closing Schimmels Fine Dining & Cocktails is where he began the start of his journey as a chef. Damian and Nick Wallace were team members at that time. Years later, the two got back together and brought the taste of Mississippi back with healthy food options at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Damian now serves as the Executive Chef at the King Edward. Damian continues his journey, learning more and more, while delivering great tasting foods from farm to table.

Try Chef Damian’s delicious dish at the Filmmaker’s “Mardi Gras” Bash on Saturday, February 24, 2018, at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Purchase your advance tickets: https://blackhistoryplus.com/filmmakers-bash-2018/

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