HIGHLIGHT: Elport Chess

World War II assured the beginning of the Civil Rights movement. Elport Chess was one of the returning WWII soldiers who made a difference in Mississippi. Take a look now to see part of this untold story about “Elport Chess and the Lanier Bus Boycott of 1947.” Share it with your friends. To see the entire story, visit https://www.blackhistoryplus.com/. We’re “Saving our history, one story at a time.”

A Film for Independence Day Weekend

Happy Independence Day weekend! Here’s a film you can enjoy in honor of those unsung heroes who fought and died for the freedom of all Americans.

“Did Johnny Come Marching Home?” explores the role of people of African descent in the Civil War; specifically the role of these soldiers in the state of Mississippi. While it may be important to some to continue this civil war in color, the more import fact is that black men, men of valor did fight to help free themselves. It is because of their sacrifice that we have the freedom to discuss, the right to disagree, the privilege of voting and the obligation to continue.

Buy the DVD or watch it through Video on Demand at https://blackhistoryplus.com/…/did-johnny-come-marching-hom…/

HIGHLIGHT: Gladys Noel Bates

“The Impact of One” is a documentary based on the compilation of historical research and video remembrances, which explore the life and contributions of Gladys Noel Bates, the teacher and Civil Rights activist who filed the first civil rights law suit in the state of Mississippi. On March 4, 1948, Gladys Noel Bates filed suit in the United States District Court charging that the Jackson Municipal Separate School District had denied her and other black teachers’ and administrators’ salaries equal to those of whites with similar education and experience. She and her husband were immediately fired for this action.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the phenomenal women who continue to have the courage to show us the way! Please take a moment to enjoy my tribute to my Mother, Dr. Jessie Bryant Mosley, whose strength and vision continue to guide many of us today.