The Arts remain the one unifying factor which unite mankind in the midst of insanity. They are the light in darkness which sustain people through trying times, the song which quietens the restless soul, the voice which speaks the truth, the miracle which brings calm in the midst of war. And yet, the Arts remain the most undervalued community commodity. When businesses look to relocate to an area, they evaluate the “quality of life” of the prospective community that is, will their families be nurtured in the proposed community; the Arts are a major factor in this evaluation. 

The Greater Jackson Arts Council serves as a beacon of hope for the Jackson community. They represent the unifying thread of h for teachers in need of resources, support to the preservers of our history and a world in which our children might see the possibilities. In the midst of great political discord and uncertainty, we the people need hope, we need comfort, we need the beauty which the Greater Jackson Arts Council supports #SaveTheArts #SaveGJAC TonyYarber @MelvinPriester @TyroneHendrix6 @DeKeitherStamps @Foote4JXN

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