“What It Really Means to be Ghetto” by Skyy Wheat, Alasha Stewart and Darian Weathersby

Creating a film is one way to share your passion about a subject. Skyy Wheat, Alasha Stewart and Darian Weathersby did just that when they created this short film entitled “What It Really Means to be Ghetto.” Don’t worry about the flaws in your film – everything gets better with practice. Just know, the best way to make great films is to practice creating them.



“The Homicide of Jerry Allen, Jr.” by Marqueshia L. Allen

To make an engaging film, you must be excited about your subject. If you are lackluster about it, chances are your final product will be lacking also. So, find your voice and share your passion! This is exactly what Marqueshia L. Allen did when she shared her story in “The Homicide of Jerry Allen, Jr. That is why we offer it to you again as part of the “It’s About You” Film Festival. We also wish to give the Mississippi Film Office a special “thank you” for supporting our efforts. Without them, our stories would not be told.

“Saving Our Farms, Saving Our Families”

Documentary filmmaking is a great way to explore issues which affect one’s community. “Save Our Farms, Save Our Families” is one such example of this. It was created by college students attending Jackson State University and Tougaloo College. Through film, they explored the relationship between the loss of family farms and the rise in health issues in Mississippi. Let us know what you think and share “It’s About You” with your friends.

“Being Black in Psychology” by Aleah J. Allen

     Hello, and welcome to It’s About You, an online film festival which showcases the works of novice and seasoned filmmakers. Our goal is to encourage people to find their voice through film. Via this format, we offer opportunities to celebrate the African American experience.

     We begin this series by sharing “Being Black in Psychology” by Aleah J. Allen, a student filmmaker. This is her first film. We applaud her resourcefulness as she explores the world of the black psychologists.