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Mississippi history is full of rich and colorful events that have greatly impacted its citizens. People of African descent have played a rich and vital part in Mississippi’s evolving history. As we move further into a technological age, the gap between this engaging history and younger generations has become wide and deep. Closing the gap is the mission of NMHS Unlimited Film Productions. Through film, lectures, books, plays and tours, we are “Saving our history, one story at a time.”

In support of our mission, NMHS Unlimited Film Productions created www.blackhistoryplus.com, a bridge to resources and insight into the little-known history of those Mississippi African Americans who stepped forward to change history in their State. Because of their courage, the lives of all citizens have been uplifted.

Dr. Jessie Bryant Mosley,
Nov. 30, 1903 – June 6, 2003

Our History

NMHS Unlimited Film Productions began as The Negro in Mississippi Historical Society; founded by the late Dr. Jessie Bryant Mosley (1903 – 2003) in the 1940s. In 1963, it was later incorporated as a Mississippi not-for-profit corporation.

The mission of NMHS was to chronicle a specific slice of history when people of African descent, in this country, decided to lift the veil of ignorance and shed the mantle of disgust in order to change the course of history for both black and white. With this goal in mind, Dr. Jessie Mosley began collecting artifacts, which she exhibited at state teacher conferences throughout Mississippi to highlight the rich cultural history of Mississippi African Americans. Dr. Jessie Mosley’s collections would later serve as the exhibit cornerstones of Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center, which Dr. Mosley founded and, served as the first director.

Today, The Negro in Mississippi Historical Society, d/b/a NMHS Unlimited Film Productions, is a 501(c)(3) corporation by IRS regulations, which carries on Dr. Jessie Mosley’s legacy and is dedicated to telling Mississippi African American stories through film, print, tours, workshops and lectures. Our collections continue to serve as a primary source for untold Mississippi African American stories and history.


Dr. Wilma E. Mosley Clopton, Ph.D. is a writer, producer, director, author, world traveler, wife, mother, grandmother, Mississippi native, and only daughter of the late Drs. Charles C. and Jessie Bryant Mosley.  As the creator of NMHS Unlimited Film Productions, she is dedicated to highlighting the continued significant contributions of Mississippi African-Americans to the state of Mississippi. Dr. Mosley Clopton’s interest in Mississippi African American history is a passion, which she inherited from her Mother, however, her love of research is a gift from her Father.

Dr. Mosley Clopton is a graduate of the University of Mississippi’s 10th Annual Filmmaking Workshop and the Barefoot Filmmakers Workshop. She uses the medium of short documentary films to tell untold Mississippi stories.  Her journey into the arts began many years ago as a practicing batik artist but, her excursion into film began in 2009.  Her body of work to date includes numerous short films, four books, a children’s coloring book and one play.

Dr. Mosley Clopton is the recipient of the 2011 Mississippi Humanities Educator Award; 2012 Mississippi’s Top 50 Business Women; the 2013 Mississippi’s Top 10 Business Women of the Year; the prestigious 2014 Mississippi Arts Commission Media Fellowship Award as well as the 2013 and 2015 Mississippi Film and Video Alliance’s “Emerging Filmmaker Award”.

In addition to mentoring young entrepreneurs and filmmakers, in 2016, Dr. Clopton also received the “Award of Merit” from the Mississippi Historical Society for exemplary documentary film projects highlighting the significant contributions of African Americans in the State of Mississippi.

Dr. Mosley Clopton is recognized by many as a major player in the film, television, arts, and educational arenas. She has charged herself with preserving her own legacy while preserving the legacy of us all.

Dr. Wilma E. Mosley Clopton

P.O. BOX 534, Tougaloo, Mississippi 39174

601.259.7598 • info4nmhs@gmail.com

NMHS Unlimited partners include: Women for Progress, Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), Veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement, Tougaloo College, Jackson State University.

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